Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hitting Our Stride

We had over 70 students attend Fall Camp (which you'll read about below). It was awesome!
After the madness that was Mav Stampede, this past month has been a season of settling into the groove of the school year and seeing God do beautiful work in our weekly routines.

Core and Focus on Jesus

We're six weeks into core (our weekly small group), and we've recently been in a series called "What's Jesus Really Like?" As we've dissected and analyzed different aspects and interactions that marked Jesus' life and ministry each week, it has been so cool to see our believers and non-believers alike begin to rethink their perceptions of Jesus and ponder the implications of his life for theirs.

In addition to our weekly small group, I've gotten the chance to dive into the Bible one-on-one with four of our guys each week using a study called Focus on Jesus. This ten-week study is taking us through what it looks like to be a follower of Christ by examining such biblical topics as discipleship, sin, grace, faith, and rebirth. After only a few weeks, I already see God beginning to shift these students' paradigms and touch their hearts. Let's praise him for that!

Fall Camp!

This is an actual picture of the camp lake taken by one of our students. Camp was beautiful!

In the midst of our weekly groove, we did have one unique and really cool ministry experience that I wanted to tell you guys about! Just this weekend, we brought our students to Camp Copass in Denton, TX for Fall Camp, and my goodness was it encouraging. We had seven students share on how their idea of what it means to be a Christian has changed over the course of their walks with God or how they had come to the decision to ask God to "send me!"

We also had a candlelight devotional night surrounding our time of communion in which our students and staff shared what about Jesus we want our community to remember and what aspects of God's creation moved them to a posture of awe. (Speaking of which, if you want to marvel at God's creativity, check out the video below, which we watched at camp!)

To top it all off, one of our students was baptized in the lake pictured above! After a weekend like that, how can we not go into the rest of this semester fired up to bring the Kingdom of God to our campus?

Student Testimony

This month's student testimony comes from UTA (mav up!). Jocelyn is one of our student leaders and I hope that her story serves as an encouragement that God is using your investment in our small slice of the Kingdom not only to make disciples, but to make disciples who make disciples. Thank you so much for your support!!

With love and gratitude,


  1. Hey Jalen! Camp was such a neat experience! I think God was at work in our students' lives at that event. I'm glad you were there to help it run smoothly and to help build those relationships among our students! Keep it up!

  2. Sooooo good boo boo. Love getting to see what’s going on in your life! Miss leading with you ❤️ I’ll continue to pray that God continues to grow you and use you to challenge and encourage the students at UTA!