Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Grateful (cont.)

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, but as I sat down to reflect on what God has done in our ministry this month, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming urge to tell you some stories about more experiences and even some specific people through which and in whom I have seen God so clearly at work!

UTA Friend

Every week I have the privilege of studying Scripture with a friend of mine from India. This friend came to the UTA for grad school with no intentions of learning about Jesus and even was reluctant to come to core at first. However, over the course of the semester, this friend has become more and more interested in Jesus. A couple weeks ago, we read John 13 and Philippians 2 (if you don't know which passages these are, I encourage you to read them. They're insane.), and I asked my friend to compare Jesus to the "gods" of his Hindu faith. He responded by saying something along the lines of "no such humility is displayed by any of the gods of Hinduism. Jesus is pretty cool." Understatement of the century. Please pray with me that God will use this community and our time in Scripture to bring my friend into a relationship with him!

Another UTA Friend

I also get to meet each week with this good-looking guy.

FOJ and Fudge

In spite of some experience with church in his childhood, Bobby here spent all of college as the lord of his own life. This summer, right before starting grad school at UTA, and right before the Lord brought him into our community, Bobby decided to follow Jesus. This semester alone, I've seen Bobby cut sin out of his life, step out of his comfort zone to reach others for Christ, and thoughtfully search for truth without settling for easy answers. Praise God for working in him "to will and to act according to his good purpose" (Philippians 2:13) and to bring me fudge.

DBU Friends

A couple of weeks ago at our DBU core, during a time of confessing sin, a student confessed that he finds it hard to desire to put sin behind him because he doesn't fully trust that God is good in light of the pain he sees around him. As I internally celebrated his vulnerability in front of this relatively new group and considered how I might respond, the other guys in core jumped right into the conversation, counseling him with Scripture and with love. It was so stinking encouraging to see young students value each other and God's word enough to play an active role in making and maturing disciples in our little group, one that exists on a campus where there are many Christians but few disciples.
This is Joseph. I lead DBU core with him!

This is Elliot. He's a rockstar!


Thank you to everyone who supported our ministry through prayer and finances during Keep FOCUS Growing. God provided upwards of $70,000 to our family to invest in students like my UTA and DBU buddies. Praise him and thank you!!

Finally, with Christmas around the corner (am I the only one who feels like 2018 lasted five minutes?), I wanted to leave you with a piece on Jesus' birth that has ministered to me over the last couple of years. Enjoy!

With love and gratitude,

Saturday, November 10, 2018


"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." - Colossians 3:17

"I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High." - Psalm 9:1-2

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you guys about four things I am thankful for this month in hopes that you will join me in giving God praise for all of it!

1. Thirst for Biblical Literacy

Recently God has placed on our heart as a college ministry and family of churches the value of biblical literacy. As time progresses and we have more and more entertainment at our fingertips, we spend less and less time engaging with one of the primary means through which God has revealed himself to us. This is why we have undertaken steps as a ministry to help our students engage with Scripture on a macroscopic, rather than purely topical, level. One such step has been this year's Leadership Conference (pictured below), during which we discussed at length how to engage with Scripture and use it to minister to our friends. On the back end of this event, many of our students have expressed a desire to not only study the Bible for what it says on a given topic, but to read entire sections, if not books, in one sitting to see what God might want to say to us. Praise God for this renewed thirst!

2. Students who have Caught the Vision

I promised last month to get a snapshot of our outreach efforts at UTA and the one below really excites me. Of all the people engaging in spiritual conversation here, only one is a full-time staff person and the rest are students! Praise God that he has captured the hearts of students who are being pulled in every direction by their many responsibilities and yet have decided to use their college experience not to spend their time on themselves, but to bring Jesus to a campus that needs him!

3. Laughter

One of the things I am most thankful for is the culture of laughter that God has taught our community to foster. The world needs to see a church that is concerned with bringing life to the full and doesn't create a false dichotomy between "sacred" activities like Bible study and "secular" activities like laughing and dancing. Praise God that we are able to enjoy the goodness of his creation of laughter and give him glory for it! Speaking of laughter, this month we had our second annual "Bring Your Core to TNF" night. Below are some snapshots from that night with very little context. Enjoy!

4. A Support Team United under the Great Commission

You guys - my team of supporters - don't all know each other, and given the breadth of your experiences, you probably don't all align perfectly with one another on every doctrinal issue. But praise God that he can bring a diverse group of people together under the good confession that Jesus is Lord and use us to make and mature disciples! Thank you for saying yes to seeing where God is working and joining him!

With love and gratitude,

Friday, October 12, 2018

Of Camps and Campuses


Fall Camp

This weekend we took over sixty of our UTA students to Mt. Lebanon Retreat Center in Cedar Hill to worship God, hear about Jesus, and experience the sweetness of Christian fellowship for 24 hours. It was so encouraging to hear our students, Christian and non-Christian alike, reflect on stories of Jesus found in the gospels and share with each other how God had changed their lives through college ministry. By the end of Fall Camp, many students grew in their relationships with Jesus, some further explored the possibility of becoming disciples of Jesus, and one even expressed an interest in beginning to follow him. Praise God!


Despite our yearly attempts to wait until we have the resources necessary to comfortably start a new campus ministry, it seems like God consistently has other plans in mind. This year, it has become apparent that God is moving at Dallas Baptist University and we have said "yes" to joining him! We never planned to start a ministry on a predominantly Christian university with so many student ministries already, but for some reason, a substantial group of students has been leaving DBU's campus every Thursday for the past couple of months to drive to UTA, which is 25 minutes away, in order join us for our Thursday Night Fellowship gatherings. It seems that despite the Christian presence at DBU, these students are hungry for the type of relationship God has taught us to foster in our community. So we've started one men's and one women's core at DBU! I am fortunate enough to get to lead the men's core with my friend Joseph, who grew up in our family of churches but felt the Lord calling him to DBU rather than to one of our existing FOCUS campuses. It seems that this may be why! Please join in me in praying that our staff will remain attentive to the Lord's calling as we seek to reach students for Jesus at DBU while faithfully attending to our calling as ministers on UTA's campus.


(I am so bummed I didn't get any pictures of outreach this time around! I'll definitely be posting some in my next update.)

Our staff and students have been hard at work continuing to reach students at UTA every week. This month we've walked up to students in the social hubs of campus in order to engage them in spiritual conversation and set up displays asking students who they think Jesus is and what they value as their primary sources of truth. This last week, I was fortunate enough to speak to a young man and his girlfriend who had recently converted to Christ but had not yet found a Christian community in which to serve and learn. This young man expressed interest in coming to my core and his girlfriend will likely be coming around as well!

Thank you all for your role in changing lives for Christ at UTA. It's because of your partnership in bringing the Good News to the college campus that we get to bear such exciting fruit in the lives of students like the ones above and Veronica below!

With love and gratitude,

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A New Year!

This month begins my second year at UTA and I am beyond excited to tell you guys all about how God has already been so faithful to bear fruit in our community!

Maverick Stampede

UTA packs the first two weeks of school with tons of events aimed at facilitating connection and friendship among the student body. Seeing this as a huge open door for us as Christ's ambassadors to invite students into spiritual friendship, our staff and student leaders spent these weeks going to as many of these events as possible in order to meet as many students as possible. I am always so eager to see how God uses this season of intense outreach to initiate relationships that will change lives, and he certainly came through! After connecting with new students at campus events like the Big Howdy (where we danced the night away to Hindi music with hundreds of international students) and Waffleopolis (the biggest waffle party I have every been to), we were able to welcome so many students to our own FOCUS events, where most of our attendees were new students who made friends with people who love Jesus, many of them for the first time!

This picture was taken at a board game night we held on move-in day, two days before school even started. Day -2 and my mind was already blown!
(10 points to whoever can find me)
This was taken at our candy poker night. Want to know why you can't see me? We maxed out the room so I sat on the floor and played cards with some of my new friends :)

Thursday Night Fellowship

A couple Thursdays ago, we met for our first Thursday Night Fellowship (TNF) of the year for worship, teaching, and relationship-building. Given that most of the events we had held prior to this point were games-related, we weren't sure how many of our new friends would be interested in coming to an event that was so overtly Christ-centered. To our amazement and tremendous joy, God brought in more students than we initially even had chairs for! Here they are below worshiping with us.

Despite there being so many new people at TNF, our community didn't shy away from expressively worshiping our God!


Finally, I wanted to take some time to tell you about core. Core is our weekly small group where we seek truth (read: Jesus) and genuine love (read again: Jesus) alongside brothers who may or may not be believers yet. This year, God blessed us with eight men's cores, each of which he then blessed with anywhere between 5 and 14 guys! I help lead one with my good friend Garrett and I was so encouraged by our first meeting this past week! We had such a diverse group of guys who came and found friendship and meaningful conversation that they were not used to experiencing. Some of our guys came to mature in their existing faith, while others are earnestly considering whether they want to give their lives to Jesus. Some our guys are American, while others are international students from countries like India and Nepal. I'm so glad our little community reflects the diversity of our campus and I'm so excited to see what God does with this group of guys this year!

Thank you!!

Thank you so so much for your investment in what God is doing at UTA!! If the stories and pictures above aren't enough to demonstrate the tremendous fruit he is bearing through your generosity, check out the student testimony below, which was written by a student who was in my core last year, was baptized (see my April update!), and is now leading one of our men's cores!

With love and gratitude,

Monday, August 6, 2018

August is Upon Us!

Hey, guys! To those of you who are new to my support team, welcome to my blog :) I'll be using this page to keep you in the loop as to what goes on in our ministry each month!

We're in the homestretch of the summer at this point and I cannot wait for the school year to start. In just a few weeks, tens of thousands of students will pour onto our campuses ready to encounter new perspectives, have their worldviews challenged, and make lifelong friends. What a perfect opportunity we have as Christ's ambassadors to point people to Jesus! This month we have been hard at work preparing to do just that.


After all the hard work we put into discipling students during the school year, it can be tempting to take an off-season during the summer. But there are still plenty of students on campus who God wants to reach! That's why over the past couple of months, our staff and students have made sure to be on campus each week engaging summer school students in spiritual conversation. 

This picture was taken during one of my favorite outreach displays of the summer. We invited students to read five stories from the Bible, accompanied by artists' depictions of the scenes, and talk with us about the character from the stories with which they most identified. God used our time that week not only to bring new friends into our community, but to communicate to these students powerful truths about how he views them. Isn't it crazy what God will communicate when we step aside and let Him do the talking?

Student Leaders

We've also finally put together our team of student leaders for the 2018-19 school year. These dedicated young men and women have volunteered to spend 15-20 hours a week investing in their peers this year by leading cores (small groups) and Focus on Jesus studies (one-one-one Bible studies), and I am so proud of them. Many of them have never assumed positions of leadership before but are faithfully responding to God's call to make and mature disciples, despite their perceived weaknesses and discomfort! Would you join me for praying that God would use these brave students to bear fruit on campus this year?

Men's Leaders: Austin, Brady, Cameron, Cody, Cole, Garrett, Jeff, Jordan, Josh, Matt C, Matt D, Ryan, Stephen, Taylor, and Ulises

Women's Leaders: Ashlyn, Christine, Emily, Esther, Hayli, Jocelyn, Lauren, Megan, and Taylor


Our staff is wrapping up this season of support-raising so that we can be fully focused on our students when they arrive on campus. I am currently looking for four partners to join my support team at $100/mo to reach my goal for the year, so if you would pray for that and consider passing this along to anyone else who may want to help build God's Kingdom at UTA, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you all so so so much for deciding to invest in what God is doing at UTA!!! He was so faithful to bear more fruit than I could have ever imagined during my apprentice year (just look at the leader team above, the student testimony below, and my previous blog posts as proof!), and I'm beyond excited to see what He wants to do this year!

With love and gratitude,

Monday, July 2, 2018

A Season of Preparation

Hey, guys!

It seems like the 2017-2018 school year just finished, and yet the 2018-2019 school year is nearly upon us! Because of that, we are hard at work preparing for a year of fruitful ministry.

Austin and I are nearly finished interviewing our prospective male student leaders ("corefas"), and boy, are we excited for next year! Not all decisions have been made quite yet, but it looks like the male side of our leader team could end up tripling in size this next year! Praise God! At a campus of over 40,000 students, we have been asking Him for as many co-laborers as possible to join us in reaching the university, and He has given us some sweet, passionate young men to work with!

In addition, our students and staff are already hard at work each week meeting new students who will comprise our mission field this coming year. From freshman, transfer, and international student orientations to our conversational evangelism days and planned outreach displays, we have already met so many students who are hungry for Christian community and are eager to learn more about Jesus!

Finally, our staff is very hard at work building our financial support teams so we can dedicate all of our time and energy this year to fulfilling our calls to invest in college students. Thank you so much to everyone who was on my support team this past year and to everyone who has come on for this next year! I am so beyond grateful for your investment in God's kingdom at UTA!

Would you guys please join me in praying for the projects I listed here? Although school is not currently in session, these summer months are still vitally important seasons of ministry as critical foundations are being laid for the coming school year!

With love and gratitude,

Monday, June 4, 2018

A Successful SICM!

Hey, guys! As you have probably heard by now, SICM was just a couple of weeks ago, and boy are our students fired up to be missionaries to their college campuses. They spent a whole week learning how to disciple students, evangelize on campus, study the Bible effectively, and grow in intimacy with God.
I love these cuties!
These were the guys Austin and I had the pleasure of living with for the week and they were such a joy to be around! Each one of them had thoughtful questions about the SICM class material and ministry in general throughout the week. I was so proud of them for engaging wholeheartedly and fully taking advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow closer to their co-laborers.

Jeff's Baptism!

Charlie's Baptism!
We were also blessed with the opportunity to celebrate two baptisms at SICM, which gave our students a powerful example of what can God can and wants to do through us when we decide to live as missionaries wherever we go. I’m especially proud of Jeff, who is a UTA student who seemed uninterested in campus ministry when I met him during the first week of school, but who has since grown tremendously in his love for Jesus and his people!

Thank you guys so much for your prayers and financial support. The students we send to SICM each year are the direct result of your investment in our community’s small slice of God’s kingdom.

Post-Baptism Prayer!

2018 SICM Group!
As we move forward into the summer, I would like to ask that you please pray:
1) for wisdom for our staff as we begin to shape our teams of student leaders for the coming year, and
2) that our summer FOCUS meetings and our summer School of Ministry classes would give students the tools they need to grow in their faith even while school is out!

Summer FOCUS!
With love and gratitude,

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Another Semester in the Books!

Friends, the end of the school year is already upon us! As I look back over what God has done this year, I am overcome with gratitude for his faithfulness. He has demonstrated his goodness in all the ways he used imperfect, broken people who merely said “yes” to being used by him to do SO much more than we could ever ask or imagine.

I have been so blessed by my core this year. I’ve never been part of such a consistent, genuine, loving group of guys who have been willing to go out of their comfort zones to grow in their relationships with God. God took freshmen who came in with expectations of being poured into and turned them into ministers who pour into those around them. He took students who reluctantly dipped their toe into ministry because it seemed like it might be a good idea and gave them the desire to declare him as Lord through baptism. He took students who were at one time asking, “How much evangelism do I need to do in order to please God?” and gave them a genuine drive to be a part of seeing their classmates get to know Jesus. God used our core this year to do more than just provide a place for people to come and make friends; rather, he was interested in using our community to win people’s hearts with his love and spur them to look more like his Son.

I have also been so blessed by our leader team this year. Between my relationships with the other core facilitators and with the other staff, God surrounded me with a community of leaders where mutual encouragement to persevere in the face of trials and to rejoice in ministry could be found.

I’m going to miss both of these groups very much next year as we move on to where the Lord is calling us and as we invite new faces and hearts into our community, but I am so excited for what he wants to do next!

Moving into the summer, I would like to ask that you please pray for our upcoming student leaders as they attend SICM in less than a week. This ten-day leadership conference in Washington is always such a crucial time in the development of our leaders as God equips them to pastor their classmates on campus.

Thank you guys so much for your support of our ministry this year and of me throughout this apprenticeship. You played such a huge role in everything God’s done through this ministry to bring Jesus to UTA!

With love and gratitude,

Friday, April 6, 2018

Raising Leaders

Hey,  guys! For this month’s update I wanted to share a bit with you about what God is doing to raise leaders for His kingdom through our ministry.

Another Baptism!!!

Ulises is on the left and Cole is on the right. I love them!
This month another friend from core (small group) decided to be baptized!! Ulises grew up in the church and identified as a Christian, but if you asked him what his life was like in high school and early in college, he would tell you he didn’t live the life fo a disciple. Thankfully, God used Ulises' decision to ride his bike around campus one night to introduce him to our ministry in what seemed like an accidental encounter. It turns out God knew exactly what he was doing, and seven months later, after studying the Bible with our friend Cole, Ulises decided to obey God’s call to be baptized. Praise God!


This was my SICM year, 2014! See if you can find me. I'm the cute one.
Ulises is just one of the many students we’re sending this year to SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) to learn how to be an effective missionary to the college campus, and I would like to enlist your help in praying for these prospective leaders! This is shaping up to be our biggest group of SICM students yet, twenty (ish) of whom are UTA students, and five of whom are in our core! I would greatly appreciate it if you would take some time to pray for these five, specifically. I love them a bunch!

Ricky (last month’s baptism!)

Spring Showcase!

SICM isn’t free, and we believe that money should not get in the way of doing what God calls us to do. This is why we’re asking you to invite your selves, friends, family, neighbors, landlords, chiropractors, waiters, dentists, and everyone else to go to Spring Showcase! All money spent at our annual showcase of the best musical and visual art our students have to offer (which is QUITE good, mind you) will go directly to helping pay for our students to go to SICM and grow into the leaders God wants them to be. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send [you to Spring Showcase so you can be part of sending] laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:37-38 ESV+Jalen’s added flare) Buy tickets here!

Thank you guys for your prayers and generosity. God is using your faithfulness to bear fruit in the lives of students like Ulises and Siena (below) that will last into eternity.

With love and gratitude,

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Month of Restoration

As I reflect on what God has done in our ministry this month, one theme keeps passing through mind: restoration. God has been hard at work getting us talking about and being part of the coming of his Kingdom, his realm of restored order, on our campuses.

Pizza Theology

This is the biggest room UTD has and we've almost outgrown it!
The first event that led to this theme of restoration was Pizza Theology. This semester’s topic was “Ready or Not... Here He Comes!”, a discussion on the second coming of Christ. In it, Sarah led us through the entire Biblical narrative from creation to Christ’s ascension and the establishment and expansion of the Church to set up our discussion on the hope of Christ’s return. Next, Brandon led us through Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus’ most thorough discussion of His return. And finally, Miriam taught us how to think of the book of Revelation: not as a list of symbols we need to interpret in order to figure out when Jesus is coming back, but as a letter of hope from a loving pastor to a Church facing persecution. As someone who has consistently struggled to find excitement in the prospect of Jesus’ second coming or encouragement in the book of Revelation because of my own fears, I was not only blessed by the opportunity given to me to share my story and struggles with the community (thank God that He chooses to us our struggles as ministry opportunities) but by the message of hope found in Revelation 21. If you would like to listen to Pizza Theology (which I highly encourage you to do, as it was my favorite one in a while!), you can do so here.

Another Baptism... Another One

Ricky's on the left; Brady's on the right. Look at these two cuties!
In addition to giving us an opportunity to talk about God’s restorative work, He gave us a taste of it just last week when Ricky, one of our friends from core, was baptized. After studying the “Rebirth” lesson in our Focus on Jesus study with his friend Brady, Ricky decided to declare his faith publicly by obeying the command to be baptized. I am so proud of both Brady and Ricky for humbly and boldly responding to God’s prompting, and I’m excited to see what God wants to do through them going forward. To top it all off, Ricky’s baptism (which has to be like the tenth one we’ve had this year!) inspired two other men in our core to consider getting baptized as well. It’s so exciting to see God moving so clearly in our community!

What is Love?

Two of our students, ready to talk about love with our campus!
Finally, I wanted to tell you guys about a really cool outreach opportunity we had this month. Because we knew our students would be thinking about love in the days surrounding Valentine’s Day, we set up the above display in order to engage them in discussions about different perspectives on the topic. For example, we had quotations ranging in source (and quality!) from the Bible to Nicholas Sparks books! We definitely had a lot of meaningful conversations with students in which they were brought face-to-face with the stark differences between Jesus’ example of love and our culture’s definition of love, which God wants to restore. If you guys could be praying for the follow-up conversations to be had, as well as the seeds planted in these students’ hearts, that would be so appreciated!

Thank you so much for contributing to all that God has done in our ministry this month. He has taken your financial support and prayers a long way!

With love and gratitude,

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Winter Camp 2018

Hey, everyone! I wanted to use this month’s post to tell you all about Winter Camp 2018, which hopefully you guys were praying for!

UTA crew at camp!
We had over 600 students come to camp this year from all of our campuses!
This year we had two friends from one of our partner ministries in Washington come and speak on our theme for the year, “Send Me.” Geoff and Jessica delivered several talks equipping and exciting us to live as people sent by God to our campuses to share through conversation and represent through lifestyle the good news of Jesus.

Our guest speakers, Geoff and Jessica :)
Two talks in particular especially impacted me. The first explained how the soundtrack we choose to play in our minds can influence our effectiveness as “sent people” and the course of our lives as a whole. After this talk, I’ve begun asking myself, “Who told you that?” in response to the lies about my usefulness in God’s hands that can lead to anxiety as a missionary. The second explored the idea that our mission field is where our feet are. I was especially impacted by a story about God using relationships formed in school to provide a child a loving home where he could be introduced to Jesus. I would strongly encourage you to take the time to listen to either of these (or any of the other amazing winter camp talks) here. I pray they’ll bless you as they did our community.

In addition to the awesome teaching our students received at camp, there was a  ton of time for friendship-forming and community-building. Many of our students (like the one whose post is pictured above) came home having experienced love and belonging that they’ve found uniquely in the community of God’s people.

One of our very talented students put together the above video in order to capture the images and clips representative of the impact God had on him through camp. Thank you so much for your investment in students like him.

With love and gratitude,

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ready for Spring

The spring semester is upon us! After a restful winter break, our students and staff are ready to hit the ground running. In this month’s blog post, I’d like to ask you to pray for three things in particular as we head back to our campuses in the next two weeks.

Winter Camp

Worship at Winter Camp gets lit!
I’m so excited for this! Next weekend, just a few days before we kick things off at UTA, is FOCUS’ annual Winter Camp. For the four-day duration of this camp, all FOCUS campuses will be gathering at Sky Ranch in Van, TX for varied styles and expressions of worship (lament, praise, dance, art), unifying fellowship between campuses, and in-depth teaching from guest speakers that we’ve invited to come from one of our partner ministries in Washington. So many of our students will tell you that Winter Camp is the FOCUS event that has the most prominent impact on them each year, and I would love to ask you guys to pray that God would use our time to stir the hearts of our students to be oriented toward Him more fully.

Staff Retreat

Our staff just returned from our four-day retreat in Burnet, TX, and I think it was exactly what a lot of us needed. Our theme for the retreat was grace, which guided our worship and discussion on the book The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. We explored just how deeply we fail to understand God’s grace for us as we strive to prove our worth with ministry success, fear failure, and experience shame that prevents us from approaching God with confidence. Reflecting God’s grace for me in the way I treat myself is a huge part of what He’s been teaching me this semester, and I think this retreat helped solidify that lesson. My prayer, which I would like to invite you to join me in praying, is that the discussions and lessons that took place at the retreat would become internalized in our staff so that we can work more freely, take more risks, and more fully reflect our gracious God as we minister to our students.

Keep FOCUS Growing

Thank you so so much to everyone who gave to our KFG fundraiser! We absolutely smashed our $50,000 goal because of God’s gracious provision through your generous gifts. I would like to ask you to please pray that every penny we raised would go straight to the building of God’s Kingdom on our campuses in ways that we haven’t even conceived yet.

Finally, before I leave you with our student testimony for the month, I would like to let you guys know that I’ve made a commitment to stay on staff for the next five years! I am so excited to continue to be a small part of carrying out God’s vision for our college campuses and I am SO thankful for you guys. I only get to do what I do because you guys believe in God’s ability to use knuckleheads like me to accomplish His purposes and have given so generously to see that happen. Thank you!

With love and gratitude,