Saturday, February 10, 2018

Winter Camp 2018

Hey, everyone! I wanted to use this month’s post to tell you all about Winter Camp 2018, which hopefully you guys were praying for!

UTA crew at camp!
We had over 600 students come to camp this year from all of our campuses!
This year we had two friends from one of our partner ministries in Washington come and speak on our theme for the year, “Send Me.” Geoff and Jessica delivered several talks equipping and exciting us to live as people sent by God to our campuses to share through conversation and represent through lifestyle the good news of Jesus.

Our guest speakers, Geoff and Jessica :)
Two talks in particular especially impacted me. The first explained how the soundtrack we choose to play in our minds can influence our effectiveness as “sent people” and the course of our lives as a whole. After this talk, I’ve begun asking myself, “Who told you that?” in response to the lies about my usefulness in God’s hands that can lead to anxiety as a missionary. The second explored the idea that our mission field is where our feet are. I was especially impacted by a story about God using relationships formed in school to provide a child a loving home where he could be introduced to Jesus. I would strongly encourage you to take the time to listen to either of these (or any of the other amazing winter camp talks) here. I pray they’ll bless you as they did our community.

In addition to the awesome teaching our students received at camp, there was a  ton of time for friendship-forming and community-building. Many of our students (like the one whose post is pictured above) came home having experienced love and belonging that they’ve found uniquely in the community of God’s people.

One of our very talented students put together the above video in order to capture the images and clips representative of the impact God had on him through camp. Thank you so much for your investment in students like him.

With love and gratitude,

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