Monday, June 4, 2018

A Successful SICM!

Hey, guys! As you have probably heard by now, SICM was just a couple of weeks ago, and boy are our students fired up to be missionaries to their college campuses. They spent a whole week learning how to disciple students, evangelize on campus, study the Bible effectively, and grow in intimacy with God.
I love these cuties!
These were the guys Austin and I had the pleasure of living with for the week and they were such a joy to be around! Each one of them had thoughtful questions about the SICM class material and ministry in general throughout the week. I was so proud of them for engaging wholeheartedly and fully taking advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow closer to their co-laborers.

Jeff's Baptism!

Charlie's Baptism!
We were also blessed with the opportunity to celebrate two baptisms at SICM, which gave our students a powerful example of what can God can and wants to do through us when we decide to live as missionaries wherever we go. I’m especially proud of Jeff, who is a UTA student who seemed uninterested in campus ministry when I met him during the first week of school, but who has since grown tremendously in his love for Jesus and his people!

Thank you guys so much for your prayers and financial support. The students we send to SICM each year are the direct result of your investment in our community’s small slice of God’s kingdom.

Post-Baptism Prayer!

2018 SICM Group!
As we move forward into the summer, I would like to ask that you please pray:
1) for wisdom for our staff as we begin to shape our teams of student leaders for the coming year, and
2) that our summer FOCUS meetings and our summer School of Ministry classes would give students the tools they need to grow in their faith even while school is out!

Summer FOCUS!
With love and gratitude,

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