Monday, April 8, 2019

April Update!

Hey guys! There has been so much going on in our community since my last post, and I wanted to tell you about two in particular: SSI and Spring Showcase!


Every Spring, students from a campus ministry at Western Washington University spend their spring break at Spring Student Impact, a week-long mission trip at one of our campuses helping our students reach their peers. This year, they came to UTA, and it was a blast! God not only formed many neat relationships between our students and theirs, but more importantly, between our community and previously unreached students on our campus. In fact, at our Thursday Night Fellowship the week of SSI, we packed out the room with many new faces. Not only that, but we had one new student share in front of our community that he was excited to finally experience real friendship and one new student also share in front of our community that though he had been living as an atheist up to that point, he was excited to learn more abut Jesus. Praise God!

Each morning, the SSI team began with a devotional to ensure their priorities were in order before embarking on campus.

One of our outreach displays was on anxiety. We asked students what made them anxious and discussed what Christianity has to say about their anxiety.

Each day, between engaging our campus in spiritual conversations, we also engaged our campus in friendship. You'd be surprised how much people are willing to open up to you after a couple games of spikeball!

This display was on the idea that everyone worships something, even if they don't identify as "religious". It was cool to see students on our campus wrestle with the importance of worshiping the right thing/person!

A couple of girls from the SSI team praying for a new friend they met on campus

Spring Showcase

Thank you to everyone who came to Spring Showcase this weekend! We raised more money this year than we did last year thanks to your generosity, which means thousands of dollars are now going straight to sending our students to SICM to learn how to make disciples on our campuses. I cannot express how grateful I am that God would use generous people like you guys to provide a way to equip our students to join him in his mission. He is too good! Enjoy some pictures from Showcase below :)

We had singers 
We had guitarists

We had top-notch emcees (me and my friend Sarah)

With love and gratitude,

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