Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February Update :)

Winter Camp 2020 is in the books! It was such a privilege to worship the Lord with hundreds of my siblings in Christ and to learn alongside them how to relate to God through the Psalms (this was the theme of our series of talks). One particularly encouraging story from camp this year: I have a friend who has been part of our community for a few years now. Over the last few years, he's been content to be a spectator; despite regular challenges to adjust his life to meet God's desires for him, he resisted vulnerability and life-change. This past semester, however, things began to change. He was consistent to his core, started coming to TNF more, and started letting people in on his life. Finally, we were given the opportunity to have a one-one-one discussion at Winter Camp in which he told me he was challenged by one of the speakers' admonitions that "those who worship God together must also obey God together." And so he confessed some sin to me that he had been holding in for a while. This semester, he's seeking accountability with his Bible study buddy, coming to church on Sundays, and learning how to reach out to his friends for Christ. Praise God for how he changes our hearts, even if it takes years!

Winter Camp 2020 was packed with hundreds of students ready to encounter God!

Our UTA crew at camp was hype.

Winter Camp worship is one of the sweetest glimpses of Heaven I think I'll get to experience in this age. 

These good-looking UTA/DBU guys loved each other all weekend and I've already gotten to see it bear fruit into this semester!
I have also been so, so encouraged by where our little community at DBU has found itself this semester. Our core of about 15 guys and girls absolutely loves one another, is diverse in experience, nation of origin, and belief, and is steadfastly pursuing Jesus while bringing others into our community to do the same. These past couple weeks, one of our international students brought three more of her international student friends into our community and we got to read our Scriptures for the week in both English and Korean. It was such a cool reminder that the Kingdom is for people from all places who are united under Jesus' lordship!

I felt God in this Braum's that night
Thank you guys so much for your generous support. God is seriously moving on these campuses and I hope that serves as an encouragement to you that your investment is not in vain! He's changing lives, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but he's changing them nonetheless :)

Lastly, I would like to invite all of you to Showcase 2020!! We are trying to raise as much money as we can to lighten the financial burden on our young students who we want to send to SICM to learn how to make and mature disciples on campus. I cannot stress enough how important of an event Showcase is. Please consider coming and inviting your loved ones to enjoy this seriously TOP-TIER talent while investing in the Kingdom. See you guys there!! :)

With love and gratitude,

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