Thursday, June 11, 2020

God is Still Good

This has been a rough couple of months. From COVID-19 to so much racial tension, this season has been one of pain and sorrow for many, both inside and outside of our ministry. It hurts to hear our students talk about the job loss, sickness, fear, anger, and despair that they are experiencing right now, and it hurts almost as much to know that there's very little I can do about any of it. But I also know that we serve a God of healing and justice, who is present with us in our mourning and promises to use our current suffering for good before ultimately making the world right. And I also know that this time more than ever in many of our staff and students' lives, we have an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in seeking justice now while pointing those around us to the only One who can offer true and lasting hope. This is what I've seen from the Church around me. Praise God that he has equipped his people with hearts to do the hard work of ministry even in such difficult seasons and Praise God for the fruit he's bearing through his people.

Clarissa and Peter leading us in worship on Twitch!
Despite the challenge social distancing has posed to being together as a community this summer, our students and staff have shown resilience in their consistency in meeting together online. This summer we have been hosting our large gatherings on Twitch, where we have gotten to worship together (above), hear from our campus pastors (below), facilitate virtual small group discussions, and mobilize our students to take initiative with one another this summer. It has been such a blessing!

Brandon interviewing Darby on how to be faithful to God while we wait for him to fulfill his promises
We've also been hard at work this summer training our next generation of student leaders. This week was Summer Leadership Training (SLT), where we gave our students a vision for campus ministry and the role they are invited by God to play in it by being a light to their classmates. I was actually able to give two of the talks at SLT, covering some of my favorite aspects of what we do as a ministry: small group discipleship and evangelism. Click here if you want to listen to any of the talks from day 1, and let me know if you want access to any of the other days of teaching!

One last piece of good news: we are *finally* an officially registered student organization at DBU! 
After a year of looking for a professor who would sponsor us to no avail, we decided to write a letter to the University President and he put us in contact with the Vice President of Student Affairs, who agreed to sponsor us until we can find a professor. This means we can now advertise on campus, do evangelism, and reserve classrooms that are big enough to accommodate our growing ministry. We are so thankful to God for blessing us with this opportunity for ministry!!

Despite the physical and sickness so apparent around us right now, God is still at work through his people. Thank you for being part of what God is doing through his people in this season. People need to hear the good news of Jesus right now and through your partnership, you are playing a role in bringing it to college students.

With love and gratitude,


  1. Jalen - I am so excited about the doors that are opening up at DBU. God is good and he is at work! Know that all of you are being prayed for and we are so thankful for you and the entire FOCUS team.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Mrs. Matthews! Your prayers are so so appreciated!!