Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy October!

Hey everyone! God has continued to work powerfully in the midst of this unprecedented school year and I can't wait to tell you about it :)

Deep Dive

First, I am so excited to tell you that Deep Dive is still going strong! Not only has it been such a blessing to go through Mark with our students this year and see Jesus for who he really is; we've also been given a room to meet in!! We're still streaming online since the room can only fit half of our ministry in it due to social distancing restrictions, but it's been so cool for half of our ministry at a time to get time together in person! 

Our students have loved getting to safely see each other and have communicated that they've not only learned a lot going through Mark, but have been given a lot to put into practice. You can listen to our most recent teaching here, which was coincidentally given by me :)

We've also been given the awesome opportunity to worship safely together once again! Once a month we meet outside on campus and stand socially distanced while singing praises to God, which was something we were prepared to miss for the foreseeable future. Praise God that he has given us two unexpected places to continue to do ministry!

Pizza Theology

With our culture being in a such a state of unrest right now due to racial tension, an upcoming election, and division over social issues, we wanted to take an opportunity at our semesterly Pizza Theology to teach our students how to think like Christians. Much of Jesus' teaching doesn't directly address the social issues of our day since, in a lot of cases, they weren't the social issues of his. But that doesn't mean he left us without principles to apply to our modern day context. Over the last couple weekends, our staff examined topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, abortion, immigration, and the upcoming election as case studies, not on what you must think as a Christian, but on how to think like a Christian. Despite offering few specific courses of action to take with regard to these issues, we received so much positive feedback from students who, after attending Pizza Theology on our stream, were reassured of the grace, sovereignty, and character of Christ. If you're looking for insight into how to think through these issues as a disciple (or if you want to see my brief talk on the upcoming election 😉), you can do so here (pt1) or here (pt2, this one has me in it!).

Student Testimony

This month's student testimony is dear to my heart. You can read about Ulises' testimony below, but I want to personally add that it has been so cool seeing Ulises be transformed while following Jesus as a student in our UTA ministry. He was in my core (small group) three years ago and at the time he was a quiet, shy young man who was just starting to leave the world behind. One baptism later and after two years of leading cores of his own, Ulises has become a staple disciple-maker in our community. Praise God for how he uses normal people like you, me, and Ulises to do great work for his kingdom!

THANK YOU for making Deep Dive, Pizza Theology, and the life-change of students like Ulises possible through your generous support. I pray that as you read about the kingdom fruit being borne in this ministry your hearts are encouraged and turned to a posture of worship to God!

With love and gratitude,

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